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The youth choir was founded by Karl-Heinz Malzer, the present choirmaster of the Franconian Singer Association, in 1981. It is still led by him and his work is supported by young musicians. 

Presently the choir consists of 60 members aged 14 – 28, who mainly come from the northern Upper Palatinate and Franconia. 

For acquiring sacred and secular choir music of all epochs it is important to attend choir practices regularly at home. A homologous choir sound can be achieved with phonation, breathing techniques and intonation exercises.    

We meet once a year for a choir practice week in the Easter holidays and we have 4 or 5 other practice weekends for ex-panding and performing our prepared choral work. Instru-mentalists from our choir contribute to diversified concerts.

Besides the demanding choral work we do not forget the sociable part and celebrations, what led to lots of friendships and will certainly lead to new ones. 

If you are interested in our choir you can inform yourself on this homepage. But the best is to register for the next practice weekend for a first try.



















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