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Karl-Heinz Malzer (Overall conducting)
Karl-Heinz Malzer (born in 1942) is from Pleystein in the northern Upper Palatinate. His continuous musical education started with first piano lessons by his mother and went on up to his studies at the Federal University of Music (1963–1967) in Munich.
Even then his personal focus was on the choir and orchestra conducting, which he learned from the Professors Schieri, Mennerich and Winkler. During his studies he has already conducted various choral ensembles.
In addition to his work as a secondary teacher (since 1985 director of studies at the secondary school in Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab) he was a lecturer at the educational faculty of the University Erlangen from 1986–1992.

In his free-time he applies himself completely to the choral work in the Franconian and German Singer Association (FSB and DSB). Since 1976 he belongs to the executive committee of the FSB. He established the youth work through founding and conducting special trainings for children and youth choir conductors and weekends for children and adolescents with singing and playing music of the FSB from 1977 to 1994.

He founded the Youth Choir of the FSB in his function as youth speaker of the FSB and it is still led by him. In October 1993 he was announced choirmaster of the Franconian Singer Association.
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